Tomahawk Background


When building on raw land, clearing is essential for a perfect result. Excavation and embankment require that the land is cleared first, and clearing implies removal of all vegetation from the land and its adequate disposal.

Of course, when clearing, we take into account the environmental impact of each of our actions. We make sure soil erosion is prevented by taking measures that can be either temporary or permanent, according to the needs of each land and each kind of project.

We are able to clear all kinds of land, from swampy, soft soil to forests. All debris is taken care of according to local, state and federal law, so you don’t need to worry about whether your construction project is compliant.

Tomahawk Construction also takes into account the economic impact of these activities for our clients, so we offer methods such as burn boxes, haul off, waste disposal sites, and merchantable timber. Each project has its own needs, and we always make a proper evaluation of those needs before even touching the raw land.