Site Development | Rock Excavation

Subsurface geologic rock formations are frequently encountered in Southwest Florida. One facet of the earthwork industry involves the excavation of this rock. Rock excavation is typically defined as excavation which cannot be accomplished with the equipment normally used in the course of excavation.

Contractors often view rock excavation to be challenging. Rock excavation can be accomplished by a variety of techniques. These techniques include but are not limited to blasting, trenching, ripping, and hammering. Considerations as to weathering, strength, and fracturing of the rock are used to determine the best technique. Blasting is generally the most cost effective method to remove hard rock but project restrictions such as proximity and regulatory permitting may be prohibitive.

Choosing the most cost effective approach to rock excavation is vital to a project’s success. Cost, time and excavation rates can vary greatly depending in the method of rock excavation. Tomahawk Construction has the experience and knowledge to properly assess these rock considerations.