Site Development | Clearing

Clearing is generally the first step in the development of raw land. It goes without saying that a successful clearing job can set the tone for the rest of the project. Clearing consists of the cutting, removal, and satisfactory disposal of all vegetation and debris. This is done in advance of excavation and embankment operations. Proper clearing and grubbing techniques are essential when constructing engineered embankments on a project.


Tomahawk Construction takes great effort in considering the environmental impact of clearing. Installation of temporary or permanent erosion control measures are initiated prior to any land disturbing activities. These practices minimize the impact of soil erosion on the environment. Environmentally sensitive areas are given special consideration. All clearing debris is properly disposed of in accordance with all local, State and Federal regulations.


Tomahawk Construction is capable of providing clearing services that range from upland forests to swampy marshlands. Each project is evaluated on its own individual merits. The scopes of environmentally sensitive areas that include hand clearing or selected tree removal are assessed. Clearing methods such as haul off, burn boxes, waste disposal sites, and merchantable timber are a few of the considerations that are evaluated for economic impact to the client.

Inclusion of clearing to our scope of work provides for better coordination, scheduling, and completion of construction projects. This increase efficiency translates into more productive and efficient project management.